Bogdanos Architecture

The Dome Restaurant Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki 2016

The existing gold plated dome was preserved and gave the name to the new restaurant located in NIKOPOLIS hotel.


The artistic intervention in the rest of the ceiling added a fresh touch of color and connected the interior with the outdoors covered area.

Located in the middle of the square space, the white marble bar acts as the main theme. The lighting bronze structure towards the skylight , introduces a lighting sculptural element contradicting the monolithic bar volume.


The furniture mix includes wooden sofas , upholstered chairs and bronze tables with different marble tops. A combination of materials creating a luxurious yet friendly and comfortable environment.

The wooden deck for the outdoors area creates a more casual atmosphere opening the space towards the swimming pool.

The Dome restaurant

  • Thessaloniki, 2016
  • Area: Interior 205 sq.m., Outdoor 100 sq.m.
  • Photos: N. Vavdinoudis - Chr. Dimitriou /

technical drawings