Bogdanos Architecture

Detroit Fashion Stores

Athens - Kifisia 2003 - 2014

The challenge was to redesign a store — already in use — by keeping existing features and introducing new elements, offering a “second life”.


The perimeter walls were preserved, metal structures in white were introduced, while an “art ribbon” unrolls through the store, changes faces and invites customers to a journey of exploration.

The fitting rooms are located in direct visual contact with the outdoors garden, creating a sense of comfort, while the synthesis of carpets lightens up the absolute white.

Bogdanos Architecture
Bogdanos Architecture

Conceived as a geometry game of vertical and horizontal planes, the space is organized as a “pattern” ready for introducing merchandise, with no need for extra features.


  • Kifisia - Athens, 2009
  • Floor area: 60 sq.m.
  • Photos: studio phobia · V. Somarakis
Project by arkteam / Senior Architect: A. Bogdanos
ProjectName ProjectName

All materials are part of a basic vocabulary, avoiding exhibitionism and show off: Steel, natural oak, concrete, grey mirror and polished stainless steel.

The red naval ropes accentuate the monochromatic ambient, while the emblematic sculptural foot, by Gaetano Pesce, acts as the “punctum” leading the space beyond its commercial use, towards a more artistic connotation.