Bogdanos Architecture

Architect’s studio

Thessaloniki 2016

Located in a 20’s listed building the five-room space layout was kept intact. The original structure was preserved and the missing parts, like the marble floor, were restored.

The new skin, bears lighting , acts as an exhibition surface and even doubles as storage space. The palette is kept neutral in shades of gray and white , while some parts keep the natural wood hue.

Office furniture mix with vintage pieces , home carpets and contemporary lighting. The synthesis of eras, materials, colors, and fabrics comment on the building’s history while creating a friendly and comfortable working environment.

Bogdanos Architecture
Bogdanos Architecture

Located in a neglected 70’s industrial building, the space is transformed from an empty shell into an architect’s studio through simplicity and distinct geometry.

Private offices along the glazed facade, host the different functions while the linearity occurred is juxtaposed by the “irregular” wooden volumes in the central open space.

The structural elements are kept intact and accentuated with plain white surfaces, iconic furnishings and art pieces creating an inviting and human working place.